At TESUP, we are on a mission to empower homes with innovative wind turbines and solar panels, shaping a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable future together.

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  • "TESUP has brought renewable energy into my life in the most incredible way. The HERA vertical wind turbine is not only a marvel to behold but also a powerful generator of clean energy. Its performance has been exceptional, even during strong winds. TESUP has truly transformed how I power my home."

    - Damian Z. from Zurich, CH

  • "I am extremely satisfied with my TESUP. The MAGNUM 5 horizontal wind turbine. It  has been a reliable source of renewable energy, exceeding my expectations. It's sturdy, efficient, and operates quietly. TESUP has allowed me to reduce my carbon footprint while enjoying significant energy savings."

    - Sandro T. from Basel-Landschaft, CH

  • "I highly recommend TESUP products. MASTER X has completely exceeded my expectations. It's an exceptional piece of engineering that generates a remarkable amount of renewable energy. The FLEX adds another dimension to my energy production. I'm grateful for TESUP’s contribution to a greener future."